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Surviving Seasonal Allergies

As spring approaches, tree pollen counts soar–and so does the influx of patients with congestion, itching, sneezing and watery, irritated eyes. Inflammation plays a prominent ...
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Researchers Uncover a Dietary Rx for Type 1 Diabetes

Unlike type 2 diabetes, which can be caused by lifestyle factors such as poor diet and lack of exercise, type 1 diabetes is most likely ...
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The Vagus Nerve: New Understandings, Emerging Research and Implications for Overall Wellness.

In recent years, the vagus nerve has become a topic of great interest, especially as it relates to stress, anxiety, depression, mood and sleep. Social ...
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Cardiovascular Health

Heart Failure or Therapy Failure? Toxins Cause Cardiomyopathy

Because cardiomyopathy presenting as clinical heart failure is a condition typically involving multiple factors, there is no single clinical protocol that can be considered the ...
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Men's Health

Phase IIb RCT-EPA Trial: Unveiling the Potential of MAG-EPA in Prostate Cancer Management

A Grim Reality: The Prostate Cancer Burden Prostate cancer remains a critical public health issue, affecting the lives of men across the globe. In the ...
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Kidney/Liver Health

Beyond the Kidney Stone: Are Oxalates Affecting Your Patients?

Are you missing the possibility of oxalates contributing to your patient’s fatigue, inflammation, pain, or chronic infections? In the absence of kidney stones, dietary oxalate ...
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Nutritional Medicine

The Toxic Nutrient Triad A little: good. Just a little more: bad

Most clinicians are familiar with the concept that when a little is good, more is often better, but a lot is still reliably toxic. This ...
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Diagnostic Testing

Genetics, Genomics and Personalized Medicine: using recent advances in genetic testing to personalize treatment protocols.

Of the many advances in modern medicine, few are as exciting and promising as those in the field of genetics and genomics. Emerging technology and ...
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Diagnostic Testing

IgG Food Explorer – What You Need to Know

The IgG Food Explorer™, developed by Diagnostic Solutions Laboratory, is a multiplex food sensitivity test that measures total IgG antibodies to a wide array of foods. ...
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Diagnostic Testing

Skillful Lab Selection for Complex Gut-Brain Axis Issues

Diagnostic tests are a vital part of any practitioner’s protocol. A carefully curated set of labs can provide valuable information, pinpoint specific areas of dysfunction ...
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