High-Protein Animal Diets as Risky as Smoking for Longevity

By Kimberly Lord Stewart I recently purchased a new brand of milk, called Fair Life, a lactose-free milk with 50% more protein and 50% less sugar than traditional milk. Their motto is “believe in better nutrition.” The lactose-free is essential for me, the added protein and lower sugar is an

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Naked Mole Rat, “You are My Detox Hero”

There’s no disputing naked mole rats are hideous. They’re beady-eyed, hairless, with massive protruding front teeth. They are so ugly we didn’t want to post their picture on our site for fear of scaring and permanently scarring our readers. But there is a lot we can learn about DETOX from NMRs, says Kara Fitzgerald ND, a speaker at the upcoming DETOX Summit. For instance, “they live forever, feel no pain, and they don’t get cancer,” she says.

Postnatal supplementation and early life infant stress

Postnatal supplementation with micronutrients could play a role in countering the negative effects of early life stress (ES) for infants. The significance of this recent study shows that when lactating mothers receive adequate essential miconutrients their children are less likely to suffer from cognitive problems later in life as aRead …

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