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Pesticides: Our Children in Jeopardy

The recently released Pesticide Action Network North America report “A Generation in Jeopardy” is replete with information and over 200 citations.1 This is a synopsis of some of the points made in this report… (more…) RELATED ARTICLES Group-dietary Intervention & Gestational Weight Gain Among Obese Women Integrative Psychiatry Effective but Overlooked for Cancer Patients Vitamin […]

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Nutritional Factors and Management of Autism

Autism is thought to have a multifactorial etiology that includes hereditary and environmental triggers accompanied by gastrointestinal disorders, such as chronic duodenitis, gastritis, reflux esophagitis, intestinal lymphoid… (more…) RELATED ARTICLES Pesticides: Our Children in Jeopardy Collaborative Practices: Interprofessional Approaches to Diabetes Changing Landscape of Nutrition and Dietetics: Specialty for Integrative and Functional Medicine

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