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Nutritional Factors of Autism

Nutritional Factors in Autism

Autism is thought to have a multifactorial etiology that includes hereditary and environmental triggers accompanied by gastrointestinal disorders, such as chronic duodenitis, gastritis, reflux esophagitis, intestinal lymphoid… (more…) RELATED ARTICLES Are You in There? What’s Behind Autism? Interview: Dr. Patrick Hanaway, Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice Update to AAP Screenings’ Schedule Pesticides: Our Children […]

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Pesticides: Our Children in Jeopardy

The recently released Pesticide Action Network North America report “A Generation in Jeopardy” is replete with information and over 200 citations.1 This is a synopsis of some of the points made in this report… (more…) RELATED ARTICLES Group-dietary Intervention & Gestational Weight Gain Among Obese Women Integrative Psychiatry Effective but Overlooked for Cancer Patients Nutritional […]

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