Low Testosterone Levels Pose Disease Risk for Men of All Ages


It is well known that male testosterone levels decline with age, which can lead to sarcopenia, osteopenia and an increase in chronic disease risk, such as obesity, Type-2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease. But, what is the ideal level among men of various age groups? A new study, published in ScientificRead …

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Insight-motivated Learning: Improve Adherence for Treating Chronic Health Conditions

Why do patients resist prescriptive actions? Clearly their reasons are complex, reflecting intentional as well as nonintentional factors. Behavioral research suggests that people fail to follow prescriptive actions when they do not understand potential benefits, when they do not believe they can change, or when they lack an effective plan and reliable social support. Patients may feel uncomfortable about clinicians’ recommendations because they
do not feel understood or they feel they do not have the time or energy to make the necessary lifestyle changes due to recurrent work-family daily pressures. This report addresses a novel means to improve patient compliance, called Insight-Motivated Learning.

Chronic Inflammation and the Western Diet

Chronic inflammation is the 21st century’s leading health epidemic. It is the single common factor that contributes to the development and progression of chronic illnesses, many of which can be caused and modified by diet. As seen in this commentary by John Neustadt, ND, pathologies once viewed as unrelated are

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