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Eight Supplements for Sleep and Relaxation Support

Sleep and Relaxation Support

As mentioned in previous articles, phosphatidylserine, ashwagandha, and melatonin, provide a wide array of nutraceuticals with evidence that backs their use for sleep and relaxation support. In clinical practice however, we often lack the time to do a deep dive into the data behind these tools and tend to avoidRead

The Role of Homocysteine and B Vitamins in Erectile Dysfunction

B Vitamins and Erectile Dysfunction

How B Vitamins Can Be Transformative for Erection Quality in Individuals Poorly Responsive to Phosphodiesterase Type-5 Inhibitors. Numerous studies have shown a relationship between homocysteine (HCY) elevation and erectile dysfunction (ED). Elevated levels of HCY are associated with endothelial dysfunction and uncoupling of the nitric oxide synthase enzyme;[1],[2] thus, weRead

French Maritime Pine Bark Extract and Erectile Dysfunction

French Maritime Pine Bark Extract

A Botanical for All Things Circulatory, Pine Bark Extract Has Numerous Studies Showing It Enhances Erectile Function French maritime pine bark (Pinus pinaster) is a botanical with substantial clinical evidence that it helps improve blood vessel function, in part by enhancing nitric oxide (NO) production [1],[2]Standardized pine bark extract (SPBE) isRead

DHEA as Support for Female Libido and Fertility

Clinical Studies Show the Usefulness of This Parent Hormone for Female Libido and Fertility Much like estrogen and testosterone, levels of DHEA and DHEA-S decrease with age and are approximately 25% of their peak by age 70.2[1] Thus, we see substantial research regarding DHEA and its supplementation surrounding common concernsRead

Erectile Dysfunction and The Role of Nitric Oxide

A Look at the Role Nitric Oxide Plays in Erectile Function and Nutritional Tools to Improve its Production. By far, the most common concern that comes up in discussions of male sexual health is erectile dysfunction. A large, multinational survey, published in 2004, found that erectile dysfunction (ED) affects approximatelyRead

Ashwagandha and Saffron: Key Tools for a New Era of Living

With Clinical Data for Mood, Stress, and Sexual Health, the Many Reasons to Consider Ashwaganda and Saffron  Each year, stress pretty much hits us all like a freight train—not just once or twice, but repeatedly. Many of these new stressors are carrying with us into 2024 and may exist indefinitely.Read


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