Ayurvedic Profiling of Alzheimer’s Disease, by Dale Bredesen, MD and Rammohan V. Rao, PhD

In this clinical review, Ayurvedic Profiling of Alzheimer’s Disease, by Dale E. Bredesen, MD and Rammohan V. Rao, PhD published from our partners at Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine, two experts share their experiences in treating Alzheimer’s disease by profiling Ayurvedic sub-types. They suggest that by identifying the specific Ayurvedic

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Maternal Exposure to Non-nutritive Sweeteners Negatively Impacts Progeny’s Microbiome and Liver Health

Yet another study shows the damage that zero-calorie sweeteners pose to the gut microbiome. About 20% of people above age two in America consume two diet soft drinks per day.  A majority of diet soda drinkers are women. Multiple clinical have shown have detrimental health effects related to non-nutritive sweetenersRead

Part 2: A Conversation with National Pain Leader Sean Mackey, MD, PhD on Integrative Practices and the Controversial Oregon Opioid Tapering Decision

Shortly after my recent post, “How the Backlash to Oregon’s Plan to Taper Opioids with Integrative Approaches Missed the Mark,”  I received an e-note from national pain leader Sean Mackey, MD, PhD. The letterhead of the chief of the division of pain medicine at Stanford University and co-chair of theRead

Curcumin Compared with Diclofenac for Knee Osteoarthritis

Knee osteoarthritis (OA) is the fourth leading cause of disability. Symptoms can follow an injury, but typically they begin after age 40 of knee. Highly prevalent among obese patients, the estimated incidence is 10% to 15% in the population above 60 years of age. The most common recommendations for managingRead

Intermittent Fasting May Reduce Cognitive Decline in Diabetes

Cognitive decline is one of the most severe type 2 diabetes complications. Intermittent fasting (IF) is a promising dietary intervention for T2D risk reduction, but its protective effect and mechanism on diabetic cognitive dysfunction remain elusive. Gut microbiota plays a vital role interphasing diet and host physiology and pathology andRead

Ultimate Guide: Using In-Person, Community Events to Gain More Patients

Live presentations are the most powerful communication medium. Nothing touches people like an ‘in-person, living, breathing, experience’. Whether it’s sports, music or … yes, even health and medical information—LIVE (done well) will always engage more than books, television programs, or websites. In-Person, Community Events to Gain More Patients Successful integrativeRead

Body Parts have Individual Circadian Clocks that Respond to Day and Night

Circadian clocks

It is well known that the body’s circadian clock operates from a central point in the hypothalamus. But does the body have other circadian clocks that operate independently? Apparently so, according to this study from the journal Cell. This means, for instance, that the liver sense when someone is staringRead