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The Ever-Evolving Microbiome—Ages and Stages

Research highlights specific patterns and transition points at various ages and stages of life, as well as significant impacts those changes have on long-term wellness—so a personalized gut-health protocol that considers evolving needs is crucial. Five primary ages and stages, with physiological, environmental and other factors that influence microbiome balance.

The New Wave of Weight Loss

Blending pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals and integrative approaches for safe, sustainable weight loss that works. Of all the challenges encountered by practitioners, helping patients achieve and maintain weight loss continues to be one of the most frustrating, futile issues. Now, a new generation of prescription drugs offer hope, but not without significantRead

Treating Long COVID: What We Know So Far

Current findings shed light on its pathogenesis and progression—and offer promising protocols to improve patients’ lives. As the initial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic subsides, health care practitioners are facing its weighty aftermath—long COVID, and its plethora of respiratory, neurologic, cardiovascular and other symptoms that can linger for weeks, monthsRead

Before the bugs hit: protect your patients with science-backed supplements shown to enhance immunity.

Given the continuing uncertainty about COVID-19 variants and this season’s suspected infection rates, we’re all bracing for winter. Meanwhile, the usual suspects—flu, RSV, the common cold—are lining up as winter looms. Before the bugs hit, shore up your patients’ immune-boosting protocols, with a comprehensive combination of botanicals, vitamins and otherRead

Genetics, Genomics and Personalized Medicine: using recent advances in genetic testing to personalize treatment protocols.

Of the many advances in modern medicine, few are as exciting and promising as those in the field of genetics and genomics. Emerging technology and understanding of genetic influences have the potential to transform health care, allowing for more precise diagnoses, earlier intervention and dramatically improved outcomes for patients. Genetics andRead

Cellular Senescence Offers Vital Clues for Healthy Aging

In the rapidly evolving field of longevity, emerging research on cellular senescence—a state of stable cell cycle arrest in which cells cease to replicate—offers vital clues for healthy aging. Though they stop multiplying, senescent cells linger and remain metabolically active, secreting chemicals that fuel inflammation and harm normal neighboring cells.Read

Skillful Lab Selection for Complex Gut-Brain Axis Issues

Diagnostic tests are a vital part of any practitioner’s protocol. A carefully curated set of labs can provide valuable information, pinpoint specific areas of dysfunction or imbalance, direct intervention and guide practitioners in personalized therapeutic approaches. That’s especially important for intricate gut-brain issues that can’t be effectively addressed from aRead


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