Webinar: Drs. Vanila Singh and Shari Ling on the HHS Pain Management Best Practices Inter-Agency Task Force

pain management

It’s no secret that there is an opioid addiction crisis in this country and that opioid prescriptions have played a role in this epidemic. To the integrative health community, it’s also no secret that part of the solution lies with integrative pain management protocols. What you may not know isRead

The Gut-Brain Axis: Influence of Microbiota on Mood and Mental Health, with Jeremy Appleton, ND

mood and the microbiome
In this commentary, published in Integrative Medicine, A Clinician’s Journal, by Jeremy Appleton, ND, he explains the gut-brain axis and its bidirectional communication network that links the enteric and central nervous systems. As he discusses, this network is not only anatomical, but it extends to include endocrine, humoral, metabolic, and

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