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Mediterranean-Style Diet & Kidney Function

We all know the Mediterranean-style diet may significantly reduce the risk of developing chronic kidney disease, however there is little known about how this diet affects kidney health. Chronic kidney disease is a growing epidemic, and while there has been significant progress in protecting against kidney disease and its progression (more…) RELATED ARTICLES

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A Case for Ending Calcium Supplements

Should physicians stop prescribing calcium supplements for bone loss? Ian Reid makes a case for ending the practice. Calcium supplements may have little role to play in the modern therapeutics of osteoporosis. Therapy today should be based around prescribing safe and effective anti-resorptive drugs to individuals demonstrated to be at (more…) RELATED ARTICLES Collagen, a […]

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Serum Bilirubin Concentrations and Chronic Kidney Disease

  Introduction The association between serum bilirubin concentrations and CKD is controversial and conflicting studies show opposing results. This study as presented in the slideshow, shows that higher serum direct bilirubin levels were significantly associated with a lower risk of the development of CKD, even when considering a variety of cardiometabolic parameters. The study authors […]

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